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How does The LifeLine Technique Work?

Physical and emotional symptoms, though typically undesirable, are actually the complex language the body uses to communicate imbalances that are in need of healing. Scientists studying Epigenetics have shown that our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are powerful enough energies to directly affect our genes, immune system, DNA, and overall regenerative abilities. Our Lives and bodies are playing out our thoughts and beliefs. Since approximately only 2 – 10% of our mind is conscious, we may find that our conscious thoughts and intentions are NOT the ones that are reflected most powerfully. The other 90 – 98% of the mind is subconscious, meaning that it is below our conscious awareness. This is the same part of the body/mind that regulates our blood pressure, heart rate, immune system, and many other vital functions.

The symptoms in our bodies and/or the circumstances in our lives become the cues as to our subconscious patterns. When we can interpret them, we can harmonize and heal them. When your body or life speaks with these symptoms, it is providing you with the opportunity to reconnect with your authentic self, your physical and emotional vitality, and your Spirit.

The Tools

LifeLine Practitioners use a variety of tools and techniques to dialogue with the subconscious mind. The first and most important tool is the American Sign Language hand mudra for “I Love You”.

This hand mudra along with the words “Infinite Love and Gratitude” make up the “Infinite Love Sequence”. This is the simplest component of The LifeLine Technique® but is also the most Important. The words “love” and “gratitude” emit a universal frequency of healing. It is love that unlocks the heart, and gratitude that cleanses the heart with the light of clarity, which becomes the catalyst for extraordinary transformation. A practitioner will say the words “Infinite Love and Gratitude” with intention and compassion, while holding their hand in the “I love you” sign facing the body. This powerful tool is used to harmonize any gaps between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Practitioners also use “Muscle Reflex Testing” (MRT). MRT allows LifeLine Practitioners to directly dialogue with the subconscious mind by feeling for a reflex within a forearm muscle. MRT is based on the principles of reflexes. The brain and the body don’t know the difference between imagination, memory, or reality. As a result, LifeLine Practitioners use MRT to discover subconscious emotional patterns of reaction that are at the root of the symptoms and stress.

Another important tool is the LifeLine Technique Flowchart®. This is the roadmap of the subconscious mind. It helps to discover the exact emotions that are related with any particular symptom. Your practitioner guides you through each of the 16 steps.

LifeLine Technique Session

This is a full 16 step session. We will start with “tuning our instruments” then you will go on an exciting journey through your subconscious mind. Sessions generally last 90 minutes with the first session averaging 2 hours.

LifeLine Ignite® Session / Classes

A LifeLine Ignite® Session is a mini-LifeLine session. It encompasses the first 5 steps of a full session. It averages 20 to 30 minutes. You CAN also learn to do this for yourself and utilize it every day. I teach this program to individuals and groups. You can complete the entire course via video chat platforms if preferred.

A LifeLine Healing Circle

A LifeLine Healing Circle is a full 16 step session shared with any size group of people. It can be a group of friends & family, club, or social group, etc. It is a great corporate team building event as well. Healing Circles can be in person or via video chat platforms.

After booking your session, you will receive a “Consent for Treatment” form and a “Health, Activity, and Lifestyle” form that I request you fill out and return to me prior to our first session.